Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zealots at work - Tissue roll Christmas Tree!

Zealots! Now that is one word that would describe this mommy and baby duo best. Because, frankly, even if I show enthusiasm for a lot of activities and if A wasn't interested the activities might as well be forgotten. But luckily for me, (touchwood to that over and over again!) A is a hightly enthusiastic and easy going child and  is game for most ideas that are put in front of her. It is totally to her that I dedicate the inspiration behind me 'pinteresting' so much. I haven't done any of these activities as a child ( who had the time to stay indoors then?) and this doesn't come to me naturally. On many a cold, gray wintry evening, A and I have created quite some colourful crafts that are now recorded in this blog for posterity!

This is an idea that I picked up from Creatiful Kids. There is hardly anything different that I did from the idea suggested, except some decorations. We used -

15 tissue rolls for the tree
2 rolls for the tree trunk (this was my error - one should suffice)
Christmas Baubles - single, double or multicoloured; we used red, but differently textured ones
A Christmas star to adorn the tree top
Embellishments, ribbons -  anything to decorate your tree

An important part of indulging A in any activity is to ensure that she has enough to do. She starts singing, somersaulting and everything else if I am the only one working. She is not big on observing, like some kids are. So most of my activities are chosen with this in mind. This one ensured that big time; she coloured all the rolls green which took quite some time! ;-) Almost 2 days! The 2 rolls that form the  tree trunk were painted brown.

My job was only to even out the colours on the rolls and then to stick them together to form a tree. I formed a pyramid, with 5 rolls at the bottom rung, then 4 on top, then 3 and so on till there was one on top. I stuck the 2 brown rolls at the bottom for the tree to stand on. Now this was very silly of me, no tree looks like that! But I made a miscalculation with the weight and when I put one roll, the tree wouldnt stand. Maybe I should have worked around with something else. But I just went ahead with this. 

I picked up the richly coloured christmas baubles and inserted them in the rolls. There was no need to use glue or tape, because they were the exact size! You can also used smaller baubles and hang them from the rolls for a different look. 

I finished it with satin ribbons at the base of each line of the pyramid. For the big star on top, I used a plain paper, coloured it gold and stuck on top of our tree!  :-)

And all of these came together to make the prettiest Christmas tree!! It made us so so happy!!! :-) 

I loved this artwork greatly and so did A - she had done so much work on this (emptied out the green in our supplies too!).  It is a great idea with minimalistic work and fantastic results!

Isn't it beautiful? :-)

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  1. This is really beautiful. Loved the presentation :-)

    A to Z challenge introduced me to several new bloggers, you being one of them. Loved reading your series, and will surely look forward to more such interesting posts :-)